Genetic and psychological behavioral analysis.

+ Personal advice. 

Sample Report


Nature (DNA and Objectivity) and Nurture (Environment and Perception)

Human behavioral genetics is an exploding science and Karmagenes’ personality test gets this knowledge at your fingertip. 

We analyze the genetic regions studied to affect our behavior combined with psychological findings.

Your genes influence who you are.

22'000 scientific papers show that your genes are linked to your personality.


Realise your true potential and make the most of it.

Know your strengths, weaknesses and inclinations.

You can also order your custom-made personality report.

Choose 5 or more personality traits out of 14.

How it works.

4 simple steps and just a swab away.

We love science and explain it in simple words.

Marrying into DNA

Marrying into DNA

Have you ever wondered about the mechanics of choosing a partner. Most of the time, it is a natural, spontaneous process, where you end up meeting ...
The interplay of genetics & environment in shaping who we are

The interplay of genetics & environment in shaping who we are

“I used to be way over on the nurture side, but I’ve swung way of the nature side,  …  And it’s because of Mona and having kids. My daughter is 14 ...
“Say Cheese” , DNA said

“Say Cheese” , DNA said

How many times, when stuck into a party, wedding or gathering, you ended up hearing “Say Cheese” before hearing the click of your joyful friend’s c...

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The report was extremely an eye opener to my innermost curiosity to know myself.

I find this an interesting approach because it allows seeing the differences between our genes and our environment. I found it very useful because being graphic, it makes an impact.

A pleasant new experience to get to know yourself better.

Bottom line, the test was really easy to perform, quite fast, not that expensive compared to other tests around, unique in it's kind and highly satisfactory. Try it.

Karmagenes changed my view about knowing myself.

Thank you Karmagenes, it was an interesting read and overall a great idea.

We bring the future to you.

✅ Karmagenes test is a non-health related test. ✅ We only test the genetic regions linked to behaviour. ✅ DNA is destroyed after the analysis. ✅ We apply the highest Swiss standards when it comes to data privacy.