Our team is a blend of talented, committed and competent individuals. Ranging from doctors in Genetics, Molecular Biology, and Neuroscience to Business Experts. All devoted to communicate science effectively and deliver excellent product quality. 


Kyriakos Kokkoris, Ph.D, Chief Executive officer 

Dr. Samer Yammine, Chief Technology Officer

Omaya Dudin, Ph.D, Chief Scientific Officer

Michalina Lewicka, Ph.D, Scientific Advisor & Brand Ambassador 

Michael Röhrig, Psychometrics Officer 

Simon Sarkissian, Head of Business Development & Strategy

Stelios Michalis, Operations Manager

Elie El Hachem, Sales & Product Specialist


Our Mission

  • Apply science and more specifically genetics into our daily life.
  • Help people to uncover their full potential.
  • Promote positivity towards science and genetics.

Our Vision

  • The world leader when it comes to DNA personality testing.

Our Value

  • Employ science and genetics in a transparent, authentic objective approach using state of the art technologies.

Our Business Conduct

  • Think. Act. Be honest.
  • Before you execute take the time to carefully plan how to execute.
  • Be decisive and in the right moment act.
  • When you are honest you have nothing to worry even when you forget. There is nothing to worry since you are always telling the truth.
  • Be transparent. Tell the facts and interpret them according to current knowledge.
  • Solve problems bothering you immediately. Postponing dealing with problems will increase their magnitude.
  • I know that I know nothing (Socrates). Ask when you don’t know.
  • Employ critical thinking - yet be open-mind for new ideas.
  • Do not misuse any information to discriminate or mistreat others.
  • Your word should be stronger than 1000 NDAs.
  • Support to be supported, respect to be respected, listen to be listened.
  • Smile often, it is contagious.
  • Never be worried of more work, be worried of no work.